"RHR Comanche Image"
87% FPD eligible
Foaled: 04-10-05
Dam:  RHR MityMistic Image
Sire: High Bar Comanche
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Contact info:  Louis Pierce 
@ Rocky Hollow Ranch
Lookout Mountain
Mentone, AL 35984
Phone : 256-254-0375 Louis's cell
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Retiring...  Call Louis Pierce, owner by phone...
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"Echos Capitol Copy"
ApHC #618161
90% FPD eligible
2001 Mare  
Sire: Capitals Captain
Dam:  Echos Scat Cat
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Solid Chestnut Appaloosa Mare at Rocky Hollow Ranch
The old mare watched the tractor work 
 A thing of rubber and steel,  
Ready to follow the slightest wish 
 Of the man who held the wheel. 
She said to herself as it passed by, 
 You gave me an awful jolt 
But there's still one thing you cannot do, 
 You cannot raise a colt. 
                              ~Source unknown 
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Louis Pierce, owner 
Daughter of 
Comanche Wind NB 
and Mighty Hugo
Foaled 1995
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Black Near Leopard Appaloosa Colt for sale FPD Foundation Pedigree Eligible
past foal out of both
Comanche Image and
Warrior Prince
"Red Cloud Comanche"
Foaled:  04-28-03
 Red with Blanket and Spots
ApHC 627885
Sire: High Bar Comanche
Dam: Roman Tally
 Bred to JM Warrior Prince 
RHR MityMisticImage  
(Broodmare) 80% FPD Eligible 
2001 Mare 
ApHC# 618008
Bred to Eagles Wing
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If interested in any broodmare...
best deals are made by phone not email...
If interested in any broodmare...
best deals are made by phone not email...
If interested in any broodmare...
best deals are made by phone not email...
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"Echo's Two Spots"
ApHC #563960
1997 Mare
Sire:  War Bar Echo
Dam:  RH Bolt of Blue
Foaled:  01-14-97
Past (sold) 2013 filly out of RHR Eagles Wing